Thymiopoulos Terra Petra Rapsani
2018 | North Macedonia

Thymiopoulos Terra Petra Rapsani

The Terra Petra Rapsani is a centipede amongst the dry red wines. Authentic, elegant and rich with aromas of red fruit, cinnamon and vanilla. Mastermind Apostolos Thymiopoulos combines a flavor bomb of three different grape species: The xinomavro, krassato and stravato. Maybe we should stop talking and just let you taste this delicious wine with these three musketeers.
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    rich and round red
    xinomavro, krassato and stravato
    North Macedonia
    Alcohol content

About the winemakers

The Thymiopoulos family has been active in the agricultural sector and into winemaking for over centuries. But it used to just sell grapes. Until Apostolos Thymiopoulos turned the farm into a winehouse. Apostolos is jokingly being called ‘The Greek Godfather of Xin’ by vinologists. He has 23 acres of planted soil with just one grape: Xinomavro. Thanks to his durable techniques and the way he runs the business (he lets nature go her own way on his vineyards and asks known associates from the village to maintain these) the wines become an incredible success. With the entry of his first wine in 2005, ‘Earth and Sky’, the winehouse got international recognition. 


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