Gkirlemis Rose Syrah
2018 | Domokos, Central Greece

Gkirlemis Rose Syrah

Gkirlemis Rose Syrah excels by its remarkable dark colour. It makes you immediately curious about the taste, which is also not regular. The brothers Gkirlemis took care of that. Juicy aromas of strawberries and cherries mixed out with flowerness violets that deliver a very pleasant combination. The light and sweet aftertaste completes the picture.
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fruity and fresh rose
Domokos, Central Greece

About the winemakers

The brothers Gkirlemis make wines that are not only delicious but also give you a certain kind of feeling. A feeling that lets you come closer to yourself. That is the goal of this winery. In their stretched out estate in Domokos, the brothers Gkirlemis create the finest wines with different variations with the help of Greek and foreign grapes. And of course with respect to the beautiful Greek landscape. The brothers love to experiment. This delivers a lot of special wines which are, one for one, worth a try.

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