Biblia Chora White
2020 | Kavala, North Macedonia

Biblia Chora White

Sauvignon blanc and Greek assyrtiko. The two combined results in a direct hit. The blend is fruity, but without too many tones of tropical fruit. Tastes of orange and grapefruit will take care of that. The Biblia Chora White has a light and mineral feeling in the mouth. With the aftertaste, tones of anise will appear. Very suited for a barbecue with friends on a warm summer night.
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    light, fresh and fruity
    assyrtiko and sauvignon blanc
    Kavala, North Macedonia
    Alcohol content

About the winemakers

For many centuries the Pangeon area, located just 40 kilometres from the historic Kavala, has been known for its wonderful soil from which the finest grapes are born. After merchants made their way into the region, the special grape known as ‘Biblia’ was produced. To honour this region Vangelis Gerovassiliou en Vassilis Tsaktsarlis chose to take the name ‘Biblia’ and intertwine it with their winehouse: Biblia Chora. This worked out great, because of the mediterranean climate Biblia Chora produces aromatic, tasteful and intense wines. With lots of variations. Not only do the wines taste fantastic, the estate is also worth visiting!

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