Seméli Aetheria
2019 | Nemea, Peloponnese

Seméli Aetheria

Amazing white wine from Seméli. A beautiful mix of creamy chardonnay and sour malagousia. Wonderful balance. The taste is rich and the aftertaste is long. If you are looking for a delicious dry, complex white wine, the Seméli Aetheria is a really good recommendation.
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    tasteful and complex white
    chardonnay en malagousia
    Nemea, Peloponnese
    Alcohol content

About the winemakers

The winemakers of the Seméli Estate are real experts that get a lot of praise from wine experts all over the world. Founded by the married couple George and Anne Kokotos in Attica, after which it expanded to Peloponnesos with the purchase of several vineyards in Nemea and Mantineia. After three decades of big success the Kokotos are now retired. The new hyper modern Seméli winery is now being managed by the Sallas family. And George and Anne? They returned to their hometown of Attica to make biologic wines in small batches. Tip: It is even possible to stay a night at the vineyard. An unique experience with the necessary, fine winetasting sessions.

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